what a weekend

On Friday I finished up my demo. Got the harmonies set and mixed. It should be ready for your ears in a week or so. I’m pretty stoked about that.

Saturday my parents threw me an unbelievable going away party. So many more people than I could have imagined showed up. Family from all over, close friends, friends from my childhood, friends from the theater, friends from work, and even some people I didn’t know. It really was amazing. I’m glad I got the chance to see so many people before I go. It really means a lot. I even have to accept that my father dethroned me in beer pong. I’m sure I’ll never live that one down.

In other news I picked all four NFL victories so stay tuned for my Conference Championship picks.

The Wild Party had its first rehearsal and some drinks after. I’ve worked with some talented casts before and just based on yesterday I think these guys will be right up there…or at least damn close.

Today is a big packing day. I’m moving almost everything out on this coming Sunday and I have a lot to do to get there.

Once again thank you to everyone. Your positive influence on me is only going to help me to succeed personally, professionally, and musically in Europe and beyond.


What are your thoughts?

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