The beat goes on


Have you ever found yourself so lost in a scene that you forgot where you were? That you felt like you were there? In that moment? Living in the world created by the actors and designers? I certainly have. Whether it’s in the movie theater or seeing a play or sitting in your living room, you find a way to connect. That’s the whole idea of these scenes. To take the text and heighten the emotion around it. To add another layer to make sure you feel whatever it is they want you to feel.

Not only do I get lost in these moments, but I also get lost in moments of silence. In my own life. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been driving down the road alone and suddenly I see a montage. My life, my thoughts, my feelings all wrapped up in a series of scenes. And there’s music. Not literally, but there’s music in my head. I feel the moment. Feel myself getting wrapped up in life at that moment just as I do in the highest highs and lowest lows of my favorite characters. That moment in which I’m the one riding on the bus out of town, away from everyone I know, all of them becoming a distant memory while they disappear over the horizon. With my head against the window watching as we roll over the pavement and the trees fly past.

Whenever I have these feelings, good or bad, I attribute it to a certain mood. And that mood to specific music. To certain artists I can listen to who get what I’m feeling. Who get that moment of glee and the moments of uncertainty and those other moments of dreariness and gloom.  Music helps put these times in perspective. Have you ever thought of a specific song that you NEED to hear in order to feel sane again? Or one that embodies every bit of happiness running through your veins? I’m constantly making playlists and generally listen to music that directly correlates with how I’m feeling at the time.

Then I got an idea. What if I make a soundtrack? A list of music that represents me. If I was a TV show or a movie or a play or an HBO mini-series – WHAT would my soundtrack be? What would take the good, the bad, the ugly and cohesively roll it all into one? Now, I know this is hard to do. With my ever changing feelings, emotions, moods, etc., it’s difficult to stick to certain songs and not be constantly switching them. So I put together a list. 19 songs. My personal soundtrack. Then in two months I’ll make another. See if any of the songs match up. If so, why do they? If they completely change, then what about me has changed so much?

There’s no right or wrong, but music impacts my life so heavily that I find this to be a quirky and interesting little social experiment on myself. I challenge you to do the same. What 10, 15 or 20 songs can capture the ups and downs in your current journey? Does it make sense to order them in a certain way? You make the choice. You are your own composer. Your own author. Your own director. Your own actor. Your own producer.

Here’s what I put together. Now it’s your move.


What are your thoughts?

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