Too Hot To Handle?

I had a miserable time sleeping last night and ended up watching almost the entirety of Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat. I feel like the only call the officials got right in the first half was reversing Anthony’s bucket after the buzzer, which made the score 46-46 at half time. As a Celtics fan I find this reasonable. I mean, they had just exploded for 35 points in the second quarter after an abysmal first. The negatives though did come from technicals that were being given out like candy on Halloween. This however does not deter from the fact that we were TIED at half. It all unwraveled from there. After having such a hot offensive attack and being able to midigate Miami’s efforts enough to stay in the game in the second quarter, the Celts reverted right back to the poor play of the first. Nobody was hitting shots. Partial credit has to go to the Heat D, which definitely forced some tough shots at the end of the shot clock, but the open shots weren’t even close. It was painful to watch Ray Allen go up for a 3, they missed a couple routine layups, and some shots just hit nothing. They weren’t even close. We can throw our hands up about the officiating in the first half, but the second half was simply poor execution all around. HOW DO YOU LET LEBRON JAMES GET 20 FEET BEHIND YOUR ENTIRE DEFENSE?!

I know the Celts are older, more tired, and in all likelyhood could get dispatched in 4 or 5 games, but that’s no excuse for the poor show of fundamentals last night. That my friends is the key to any Celtics success moving forward in this series. Fundamentals. KG and Rondo need to pick it up. Garnett was hitting some good shots, but missed some really obvious ones. Rondo made some dumb errors and I think he shut off in the second half. Paul did as well as he could on Lebron but fact of the matter is he’s going to get beat for 25-35 points per game all series. We know Ray is hurt and is struggling, so we need to support him. Close up the lanes a bit. Sure up the defense. DWade practically walked through all 5 guys on multiple occasions last night. Of course when he wasn’t just walking through he was hitting unbelievable shots and you can’t take that away from him. What you can take away are the easy ones.

Get motivated. Get emotional. Pull together the Championship Pedigree that everyone talks about. This will be the final run of Boston’s Big 3. Can they go out with a bang? Or will they melt in Miami? I’m a believer. Who thought they would get this far? We need Game 2. We need to head back to Boston even.

Watch out for the fire coming from The Green in Game 2. And let’s hope it catches…


What are your thoughts?

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