After 2 weeks in Boston I came back to London rather stressed. I felt alone, overwhelmed, overworked, and slightly underappreciated. Where that all came from I’m not completely sure. I can say however that after 48 hours I was right back into the swing and quite possibly the happiest I’ve been since I’ve lived here. There’s a lot coming forth on the work front but we’ve hired someone to start in mid-June and work alongside me. That creates a whole different set of challenges but I’m excited to face them dead on. My biggest fear now is that I’ll be so busy that the summer will have come and gone!

Even more exciting than the business stuff taking off is the release of a trailer that I hold very dear to me. Curtis James Salt and I have been friends since middle school. After high school we went our separate ways and didn’t speak for probably 4 or 5 years. Until A White Lie came along. Curtis contacted me about 18 months ago and said he had a new script that he really wanted me to read. I figured, why not? Can’t hurt to read it. It had its issues but I felt the story had a lot of potential so I gave him some feedback. Next thing you know we’re going through different iterations of the draft on what seemed like a weekly basis. I think I’ve read this script in at least 10 different forms. Sometimes there were new characters, sometimes new sub-plots, things have been removed, a character that hasn’t existed since Draft 1 is back, or a character that has been there the whole time disappeared in the final version. The most interesting part of it all however, is that it kept getting BETTER. Somewhere in the middle of this process I decided I wanted to be involved in more than just reading. Curtis wanted my involvement too. We met up for the first time in years and it was like things never left. The passion he has for this script and the project as a whole ignited a fire within him that I have never seen before. This was truly fantastic.

Soon after I joined as Associate Producer/Casting Director and in July of 2011 we held auditions and cast the bulk of the main roles. We held a few read-throughs and the cast became as much a part of the new adaptations of the script as we were. Now we were a true family working together toward one ultimate goal – to create a unique and fantastic piece of cinema with a story that very few, if any have ever truly delved in to. Photo and video shoots followed. Then we had a shake-up in the cast and landed some new actors in our lead roles. Suddenly we’re having an ‘official’ read-through in Boston. Then came the name change. A White Lie is now ADONIS. There’s much more that happens in the middle but I’m not about to bore you with details.

We also realized that in order to make a full feature length film we were going to need money. And lots of it. We decided to then work toward a conceptual trailer and use that, along with the script, to publicize the film in hopes of being able to raise enough funds to start official production.

I can’t even begin tell you how wonderfully creative, unique, enthusiastic, and talented the cast and crew for ADONIS is. I think I would go on for days. Some come from around the corner and some come from far away. All are extremely dedicated and I wouldn’t dream of asking for anyone else. Adam, Ashley-Sarah, Brad, Brianne, Matthew, JML, Garrett, Shannon, and Michelle – you are truly the right people for the job. Seeing you progress from the various points in which you started the project through now has been truly incredible. Also – so many have been involved from a crew standpoint that I couldn’t begin to name them all. but Jordan, Amy, Kristen, Krystle, Sarah-K, Christian, Shelby, Christina and Jackie – a big thank you to all of you as well. Like I said – there’s many more so I extend a general thank you. My apologies if I have forgotten to name you here.

Then there’s Curtis. I don’t know what else to say about him. This script has brought us back together and strengthened our friendship like I never though could happen. When he said he still wanted me involved when I moved to London he wasn’t kidding. Though I spent some (extremely) late nights on Skype, I really appreciate how much my opinion matters to him and the rest of the Production staff.

I’ve asked Curtis to provide me with a quote that I can use in this post that sums up his feelings on this process. He gave me this:

It’s always intimidating to face your dreams dead on. Often you do it alone, but fortunately this entire experience I’ve managed to do it with some of the most supportive and creative people you can ever hope to meet. We all hope that this project is the precipice to something more, but at least I can say this experience has produced some of the best material I’ve managed to put out there. Best part? We did it for almost nothing and just my Nikon D5100. Why live life from dream to dream and dread the day when dreaming ends?

–          Curtis James Salt – Writer/Director/Producer

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