the end of part 1

It’s now been three months since I moved to London. The free ride ends Monday. Up until now I’ve been living alone in a nice one bedroom flat in Camden. Monday I’ll be moving ten minutes down the road to a flat with three other flatmates and no living room. The location is still pretty amazing so I can’t complain there. I suppose I’ll just miss the privacy of having my own flat and the ability to lounge around the whole place. I do at least have similar interests with those I’ll be living with. They’re all involved with film or music in some way or another so we should get along just fine.

I’ve spent my whole day doing laundry and will spend tomorrow folding and packing everything I own into 3 suitcases and start bringing them down to the new digs. Of course I’ll only be living there for five days before I head back to Boston for two weeks worth of trainings. By the time I finally get ‘settled’ in it will be June.

Ah well – all will be well. I think living with people will do a couple things for me. 1 – It will force me to meet people. 2. – I’ll probably get out more.

For now I guess I’ll finish watching Family Guy and get to sleep before I start talking in circles. On a positive note this is my third post in as many days. Let’s hope I can keep it up!


What are your thoughts?

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