camden town

I feel like I haven’t stopped doing things since I got here. I’m now near the end of Day 4. Day 1 was crazy. I landed in London at 4:45 am…got picked up at the airport and taken home, then to the grocery store, then toured the neighborhood, then finally crashed for a few hours. I did some exploring of Camden which was pretty cool. There are way too many tattoo shops around me though…this could be a problem.

Day 2 I got lost in Covent Garden and spent £100 on new clothes…just what I needed. I found an H&M, Ben Sherman, and Zara all pretty close to each other. Bad news for my wallet. I also spent my time trying to find as many of the theaters as I could. I mostly succeeded at this. I found probably 8 or 9 of them. And they’re all near work…yet again bad news for my wallet. After that I decided I should probably get a phone, so went down to T-Mobile and got a pay as you go phone. After this I went back down to Holborn and saw the office for the first time briefly…followed by drinks with co-workers for the first time. It was one person’s last day so I felt a little guilty crashing her going away outing…’cause people were all trying to get to know me. Oh well. Good day overall.

Day 3 was my first day in the office. It was a pleasant day. Everyone is super nice and everyone was offering help to make me comfortable and settled. I had a jacked (aka baked) potato stuffed with ham and cheese. Ohhhh man it was delicious. I had no real workstation…no monitor, laptop dock, or even a working phone. This made the day interesting…but I survived. That is until I went out drinking after work. Got some beers, then went to East London for more drinks…I don’t remember getting home…

Which brings me to Day 4 (today). I woke up at 9am still wearing yesterday’s clothes. I sprung out of bed because I noticed it was light out but I couldn’t find my phone. Sign number one that I had the hangover of a lifetime. As soon as I shot up I fell right back down, head POUNDING. I had to get up though so I dragged myself out of bed and searched for my phone, which I found in the entryway on the floor…after tripping over my computer bag and coat. So I then saw that I was already late for work – GREAT – my second day and I already slept in. (On the bright side it was the first full night of sleep I’ve had since getting here.) I got myself put together and headed out…still in terrible shape. I stopped for breakfast a block from the office and it was the best decision I made all day. Eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and orange juice. Now – their breakfast meat was different than home. The bacon was good…but odd. And the sausage was no Jimmy Dean (though maybe that’s a good thing). I got into work (it’s now 10:20) and people were clearly amused by how pale and completely unenergized I was. Welcome to London Kev… I then proceeded to work my ass off the whole day and eat nothing but Hostess cupcakes (courtesy of a care package from my Department) until dinner. By the time I was getting home I realized that I don’t have food and needed to go to the grocery store…so I went. I felt like I was going to pass out between the hangover and lack of food in my system. I ended up getting some farfalle pasta with mozzarella and basil. ‘Twas good.

I also decided I was going to try to be productive (despite my cloudy mental state) and recorded some youtube videos. If you’re interested check them out at

Well I should probably sleep off the rest of this hangover that has plagued me for the past 14 hours. Tomorrow I get my first taste of London’s attempt at Mexican food. Fingers crossed…


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