down to the wire

I’m now 6 hours away from departure and I’m finally done packing. I’ve done so much “saying goodbye” aka drinking…that I almost forgot to finish doing laundry and pack. Woke up this morning and finished all that stuff. Bags are weighing in at 29, 38, and 42 lbs. I’m pretty happy about that. I don’t need the annoyance of paying extra fees on top of the $170 I’ve fronted for the 2 additional bags. Granted…that’s getting reimbursed…but still.

I spent my night last night coloring like a 5 year old with Bobby, Lauren, Grace, and Tyler. This quite possibly was the best/most relaxing send off I could have had. The past couple weeks have been an absolute whirlwind as I said goodbye to as many people as possible and packed up my life into 3 bags (and a guitar case). I don’t think it has COMPLETELY kicked in yet. I think I’m at about 80% on the “holy shit this is really happening” scale. I expect the other 20% to hit me all at once as soon as I make it through security. {GULP}

All in all I’m very excited. There’s going to be a car with our UK office manager waiting for me at 5:45am in London (12:45 am here in Boston). Jack told me to pretend I’m a rockstar ’cause I’ll be coming through security with my guitar and have a car waiting for me. It could work in Long Beach maybe…but doubtful in the world’s largest airport (Heathrow). But hey – a boy can dream.

I finished check-in already and saw that I have an empty seat next to me. Hopefully it stays that way and I have plenty of space on this 6 1/2 hour flight. I brought a few books and headphones. I’m thinking of reading The Alchemist on the flight. Deep I know…but apropos I think.

Well now I need to actually jump in the shower, eat a pork roast with the parents, and depart for the airport. Next time you hear from me I’ll be a resident of London. I vow to never purposely spell words like realize and color incorrectly (realise and colour). I vow to never root for Arsenal just as I would never root for the Yankees. Most importantly I vow to have the best time of my life. I hope as many of you as possible have the opportunity to share some of this experience with me.

Oh and side note – if you haven’t heard already…LISTEN TO MY DEMO!



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