hookd on fonix werkd phor me

I don’t think I’ve read a book series since I was forced to in school. Heck I don’t know if I ever have. I am now though finished with the first two books of The Hunger Games and I’ve got to say I’m hooked. I could read this series if it went on forever. All through the first two I would read on my way to work and it would kill me to have to wait until the commute home to pick it back up again. I am so excited to get started on the third book.   I’m doing my best not to start it tonight because it is currently 8:30 pm and if I start now I’ll finish the book and be useless at work tomorrow. Decisions, decisions…Regardless this is such a fast paced series that keeps me at the edge of my seat constantly…or at least has so far. It’s gripping and at times pretty gore-filled, which makes me wonder how this is considered a ‘teen’ series.  It’s built quite a following for itself, with a movie coming out in a couple of months. And it looks good even. Like…really good.

Well I’ve basically convinced myself to start the third book now…


What are your thoughts?

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