New Beginnings

Sometimes I wonder how I’ve gotten where I am today. These are thoughts I feel everyone has at some point but as of late I’ve been pondering them more and more. I’m starting fresh. I live by the ocean which provides me with calm and inspiration. I’m truly on my own for the first time – and it’s great. Scary as all hell, but great.

I’m finally actually working on my album. Have about 7 original tracks and a couple sweet covers. I’ve been working hard to finalize them so I can get into the studio and share them with the world. I’m also diving into film for the first time. Helped as casting director for one and will be starring in another. Can’t wait for these projects to really take off.

I know these are just random ramblings but I want to make an effort to be posting no less than once a week from now on. About anything. If you want to hear my take on something in particular – let me know!

For now – me and Ruthie (my Takamine G230) are going to work together through the night finishing something great.



What are your thoughts?

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