oh what a night

Yesterday seemed like the longest day EVER. I had to run errands before work so I was on the road by 7am. Got to work and was observing some training sessions for a few hours. Work dragged on then I had the first rehearsal for a show I’m directing this summer (which already sounds fantastic).

So after hanging out on the deck (which means summer is here) for a while I took off. My buddy Dave and I were both still pretty awake and decided to go for a drive. All the sudden Dave yells “Holy shit look out!”. Coming straight for us is a car that clearly just smashed into something (thought we don’t know what it hit) and was now swerving back and forth across the street and was about 100 feet away from hitting us head on. We missed each other but his hub cap came speeding at my car. I pulled over in the parking lot of a CVS so we could compose ourselves a bit. We doubled back and saw that the other car pulled over in a gas station a short way down the road. The guy got out of his car and was rummaging through his back seat. Dave and I decided we were going to go on a search for a cop. We drove up the street, down, around the corner and back again and couldn’t find one. We pulled back over to the side of the road and put the left over beers from the deck in the trunk and called the cops.

By the time the cops showed up the kid had apparently fled the scene. They were running through backyards looking for him. I drove by about 15 times, no joke. FINALLY when they were all gone I pulled over and grabbed the hubcap for good measure. I mean – I needed a souvenir, right?


What are your thoughts?

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