close your eyes

Mercedes has this campaign talking about how the car can sense when it’s getting close to something and alerts the driver. Ford has a new parking assistant so people don’t have to parallel park themselves anymore.

Congratulations to Ford and Mercedes for fostering the stupidity of our nation’s drivers. Just what we needed…people thinking they don’t have to actually pay attention while behind the wheel. Watch out kids! Don’t chase balls into the streets. We may as well get rid of streetlights since idiots will just assume the car will yield and/or stop itself.

Now we’re just waiting for Honda or Toyota to make a car that will drive itself and provide a pillow for a headrest. Then people will just fall asleep at the wheel on purpose.

Hide your kids. Hide your wife. Hide your pets. Hide everything. You’re better off living in the middle of nowhere so you’re less likely to come out of the shower to find a Ford Escape in your living room.



2 thoughts on “close your eyes

  1. Now ya done it… You had to bring Ford into it 🙂

    On the one hand, I totally agree: the real problem is the drivers. The drivers’ education programs here aren’t just embarassing, they’re dangerous. Very few drivers have any idea of the responsibility involved in piloting four thousand pounds of metal around at forty miles per hour within feet of other cars, houses, people, etc. Anything that encourages even less engagement while driving *has* to be bad, right?
    The reality is that until people get a clue and realize that they’re not paying anywhere near enough attention, nobody is going to be rushing to sign up for any of the “defensive” or “performance” driving schools out there. Unfortunately, we can’t just let them screw up and find out the hard way either, lest we end up with the aforementioned Escape in the aforementioned living room.

    The best solution, until we can educate some sense into those that need it, is to make it as safe as possible to be bad at driving. Hopefully more accidents are avoided by warning people to stay in their lanes than are caused by the complacency the same system might encourage.

    Two things we can do in the meantime: 1. Be honest about our own bad habits. Cranking the stereo and singing out brains out is cathartic. It’s also a huge distraction from actually driving. 2. Don’t give those around us the impression that we’re OK with their bad habits. It’s easy to chuckle at our friend when we hear they almost fell asleep driving home from that party, but it does a lot more good to call them out for being reckless (then offer them a ride next time).

    On another note, let’s not lose sight of the fact that you can go buy cars that *park themselves*! From a techology standpoint, that is *awesome*! 🙂


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