trident…not the gum

I just read an article on Yahoo! in which a Chicago police sergeant claims the new Arizona State University logo (which might I add is awesome) is likely to be adopted by a large and violent Chicago gang called the “Satan Disciples”.

“It bothers me that, one, this gang will be wearing ASU gear, but also that ASU and Nike were so naive to develop it. In my mind, it’s the spitting image of the S.D. trident.

“Some unsuspecting ASU grad or the nephew of a grad or just some person who was at spring training and liked the hat is going to be wearing it in Chicago and stumble upon a car load of Latin Kings (the S.D.’s rival gang), and they’re going to beat the (expletive) out of him or kill him just based on the fact he’s wearing a hat,” Epich said.”

Well…if they weren’t planning on doing it before…they are now. Idiot. The gang symbols DON’T EVEN RESEMBLE this new logo. This sergeant probably just put this idea in gang members’ heads. It’s like when you tell a child not to climb the kitchen counter or not to run around a pool. They likely weren’t thinking about it before, but now it’s all they want to do.

ASU and Nike are aiming toward a younger, more ‘hip’ demographic. I think they’ve succeeded. You be the judge.

So much of how our young minds operate today is based on appearance. I think this is a great new logo that the school and their sponsor should be proud of. I mean…I do understand where the police are coming from here, but why not go after ANY OTHER school, business or anything else that has a trident as their logo. I’m sure there’s plenty out there. Google it. I dare you.


What are your thoughts?

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