so much inspiration

This week of inspiration continues…

Last week I wrote a song with a friend and we’re gearing up for another session. I’ve had some amazing theatrical experiences as of late. That satisfies the creative part of me.

Now the sports fan in me CANNOT WAIT for baseball. Oh wait, I don’t have to anymore. It’s HERE! Today is MLB Opening Day and though my beloved Red Sox are not playing until tomorrow, I’m still plenty excited. I can’t even begin to say how stoked I am. So instead of going on and on and on about how I think the Red Sox are going to get 100 wins, be the best team and baseball and win the World Series…I’m going to give you my predictions.

AL EAST: Boston Red Sox – Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez. Enough Said. Pitching is the question but should still be good enough. Expect a big year from Daisuke and a better year from Lackey.

AL CENTRAL: Minnesota Twins – The return of Justin Morneau will be huge. The Twins are in it every year and as long as they stay healthy I don’t see anyone except the White Sox even contending with them.

AL WEST: Oakland A’s – Watch out for the A’s. They’re my sleeper team this year. They have an extraordinarily talented young pitching staff and they’ve added some veterans in Matsui and DeJesus which should solidify the top and middle of their lineups.

AL Wild Card: Texas Rangers – No more Cliff Lee which is why I don’t think they’ll take the division. However with the emergence of C.J. Wilson as a competant starter and the addition of Adrian Beltre on the offensive (and defensive) ends should complement Josh Hamilton’s left-handed bat well.

NL EAST: Philadelphia Phillies – The best Rotation in baseball. Halladay. Oswalt. Lee. Hamels. Blanton. Oh yeah and they have some guys named Rollins, Howard and Utley…

NL CENTRAL: Milwaukee Brewers – The Brewers are already a talented offensive team with Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder. They sured up their Bullpen and added Zack Greinke and Shaun Marcum to their rotation. These guys are for real.

NL WEST: San Francisco Giants – How can you pick AGAINST the reigning World Series champs? Lincecum will have another stellar season. As long as the back end of their bullpen stays healthy they should be right back in it.

NL Wild Card: Colorado Rockies – Signed Troy Tulowitski to a long term deal. The Rockies are contenders every year. Jimenez will have another great year – a bit more bumpy throughout than last year. But expect the Rockies to come out swinging at Coors Field.

Thoughts anyone?


What are your thoughts?

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