where do i go?

I’m not usually one for nostalgia long after a show I’ve worked on is done. Maybe it’s just because my latest work just ended and I haven’t had enough time to reflect. I found it apropos that I saw HAIR tonight, twenty four hours after closing Bent. Although HAIR deals with a lot of serious issues, the touring production that I saw at the Colonial Theater in Boston tonight took a much more light-hearted approach. I don’t think it’s necessarily the way to do it…but it worked perfectly with the emotions running through me today to create a delightfully refreshing experience. I fell in love with the piece after working on it two years ago. The camaraderie in that experience on and off the stage is something that flashed before my eyes while watching tonight. It brought me back to the fun and excitement, the laughs, the tears, the dancing on my lawn… made me think of the people involved. I miss them terribly and hope they’re all well.

Times like tonight make me want to get right back on the horse. I know after Bent there’s some time needed to decompress…but as soon as that time passes I’ll be back on stage again. Seeing other productions sends an electric energy through my every vain. It’s like there’s something pent up inside that’s desperately working to escape. I can’t ignore that. It keeps me going. I do it for the fun. I do it for others. Most importantly, I do it for myself. It takes every one of those pieces to birth a truly worthwhile experience.

Where do I go next? Only time will tell. Can’t wait to see…


What are your thoughts?

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