is anybody there?

I’ve been skeptical about making one of these for some time now…but I decided to bite the bullet. I’ve been stewing…trying to be sure to come in with a BANG (and how). That being said I hope you subscribe and enjoy.

Now – I have to say…I wish I were James Franco. He’s not a smoker (weed that is) but apparently being nervous gets him high. That’s got to be the greatest superpower. And a lung-saver. The ability to relax and lose braincells on command?! I need that! …and hosting (and I use that term loosely) the Oscars with Anne Hathaway…sign me up! Speaking of “hosting” the Oscars…what happened to his personality? All he had to do was two basic things and everyone wouldn’t be bashing him from here to Iceland. Smile and open your damn eyes James. Maybe if they put you on autotune it would have been more interesting? Or had they chosen a fictional character instead… I digress. As Jason so eloquently put it – “It’s like he WANTS everyone to think he’s an incompetent, callous ass-clown … He was on this upward trend — jack-of-all-trades, renaissance man, performance artist …and then this. He has to just be fucking with everybody …” I suppose time will tell. At least he’s no Charlie Sheen.

Anyway – I plan to continue some ridiculous rants on my thoughts and experiences. So tune in for more…


What are your thoughts?

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